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Great views - Hotel parking Bromo

Bromo - Parking hotel
The East part of the famous island in Indonesia, Java has been wellknown for many years with active (undanger) vulcanos , such as KELUD , the tallest in this island SEMERU , Ijen and of course the crater in the crater BROMO.

The national park is named after its two mountains, Mount Semeru (the highest in Java at 3,676 m), Mount Bromo (the most popular) and the Tengger people who inhabit the area.

Mount Semeru also known as Mahameru ("Great Mountain"), is one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes. What stands out most about this mountain is the fact that it erupts periodically (and very reliably so). Every 20 min or so, the volcano belches out a huge cloud of steam and smoke, sometimes interspersed with ash and stones. Climbing Mount Semeru requires some planning and a permit from the national park authority. The mountain is often closed due to its highly active nature.

Mount Bromo (2,329 m) is easily recognized as the entire top has been blown off and the crater inside constantly belches white sulphurous smoke. It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (diameter approximately 10 km), surrounded by the Laut Pasir (Sea of Sand) of fine volcanic sand. The overall effect is unsettlingly unearthly, especially when compared to the lush green valleys all around the caldera.

What about the historical origins of Mount Bromo?

Origin legend of Mount Bromo
Before Rara Anteng married Joko Seger, a lot of men who fancied. Understandably, very natural beauty as well as Goddess. Among the suitors, there Kyai Bima, powerful villains. Rara Anteng just could not refuse the proposal. He accepted on the condition that the Milky Kyai make ocean on the mountain and finished overnight.

Kyai Bima undertakes these requirements and work hard digging to make the sea with shell (shell) which traces until now the Mount Bathok, sand and sea (ocean wedhi) spread widely around the top of Mount Bromo. To irrigate the sea of ​​sand, made ​​a giant wells, the scar is now the crater of Mount Bromo.

Rara Anteng anxious to see magic and recklessness Kyai Bima. He was soon to find a way to thwart the Milky Kyai interest for him. He also grind corn loudly as dawn, but still night. Hearing the sound of the pounding corn, the chickens get up and crow. So did the bird. Kyai Bima surprised. Thought daybreak. His work has not been completed. Kyai Bima then leave Mount Penanjakan. He left signs:

- Segara Wedhi, the sand beneath Mount Bromo
- Mount Batok, which is a hill which lies to the south of Mount Bromo, shell shaped like a ditengkurapkan.
- Scattered mound Tengger region, namely: Shoulder Mount-ox, Mount Ringgit, Mount Linga. Mount Gendera, and others.

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